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Treetop Obstacle Course

Come prepared to climb, swing, balance, jump, zip, and dash through the forest on our Treetop Obstacle Course (a.k.a. Aerial Adventure Park or Aerial Trekking Course). Designed for those who like to get physical, the Treetop Obstacle Course blends beautiful views with a variety of elements ranging from easy to extremely challenging, including wobbly bridges, balance beams, rope swings, cargo nets, log swings, and more.

Following thorough instruction at our ground school, participants may select from five different courses. Supervised and encouraged from below by trained guides, participants move through the course connected to a flexible lifeline system that uses SmartBelay technology to ensure 100% connectivity.

The Treetop Obstacle Course / Aerial Adventure Parkis designed for participants of good mobility and health. Children, ages 4 thru 7 years may complete the first two courses ("Apple Creek Course Area"); participants ages 8 to adult who can reach 66 inches with feet flat on the ground, and weigh more than 70lbs. have access to all five courses.  Adult supervision required on-site for all minors.  An on-course, 1:1 (adult:child) ratio is required for 4 to 7 year olds; 1:2 (adult:child) for 8 to 12 years.  Review full list of requirements and restrictions.

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