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Tour Preparation Checklist

Our tours at Smugglers' Notch Resort in Jeffersonville, Vermont take 1.5 to 3.0 hours to complete.  On the canopy tour, most of this time is spent on the course which is located some distance from the Welcome Center and other facilities.  Please arrive prepared to be outdoors for up to 3.0 hours as we run rain or shine.  While the aerial adventure park is located in proximity to the Welcome Center, participants who remove their harness must be re-inspected by a guide prior to re-entering the course.

Our program begin promptly at the scheduled time.  We recommend arriving 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.  During the warmer months, yard games and picnic tables are available.  Hiking trails and disc golf depart from right next to the Welcome Center.  In the Winter, cross country ski access is available for Smugglers' Notch Resort Guests and Pass holders.

What to Wear:

Guests should come dressed for the weather and be prepared to be outside in the elements for the duration of the tour.  We recommend wearing several layers as conditions on the courses can change during the span of the tour. Consideration should be given to the type of progrm: in general, the zip line canopy tour is a passive activity; the tree top obstacle course and climbing are highly active; and teambuilding sessions revolve back and forth between periods of activity and passivity.

  • Warm Weather (60˚F or above): Light pants or long shorts, long- or short-sleeved shirt, wind jacket, sturdy, closed-toe shoes or light hiking boots, rain gear, bug repellant, and sunscreen.
  • Cool Weather (30˚F to 60˚F): Long underwear, turtleneck or long-sleeved shirt; sweatshirt, sweater or fleece jacket; long pants, light-weight jacket, athletic shoes or light hiking boots, light fleece or wool gloves, and rain gear.
  • Cold Weather (30˚F and below): All cool weather gear plus a pair of insulated, waterproof boots, winter-weight jacket, ski pants, neck warmer, fleece or wool hat, ski goggles or wrap-around sun glasses with retainer strap.

Clothing Notes:

  • For best comfort in the harnesses, we recommend long pants or longer shorts.  Shirts should be long enough to tuck into the pants to prevent the harness from rubbing on the skin.
  • Guests with long hair should bring a hair tie or clip to pull their hair back. 
  • Sun glasses or ski goggles are recommended during cold weather and on days where rain or snow is predicted.  We recommend that all glasses be secured with a retainer strap.
  • Dress prepared for periods of activity and inactivity.
  • Guests must wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes or boots.  Sandals, flip flops, slip-ons, barefoot running shoes, and Crocs are NOT acceptable and guests without proper footwear will be turned away without refund.
  • ArborTrek cannot be responsible for lost or stolen goods on the tour.  Please leave all valuables including jewelry at home.

What to Bring:

  • An adventurous spirit
  • Cameras and video cameras with retaining straps are welcome.  We do not recommend bringing cameras or cell phones that do not have secure retaining straps as it is not always possible to retrieve dropped objects from below the tour.  While cameras are allowed on the Treetop Obstacle Course, the risk of damage to the camera is higher.  ArborTrek 
  • All sunscreen and bug repellant must be applied prior to the start of the tour and may not be reapplied once the harnesses and equipment have been put on.
  • Necessary medications.  Our courses traverse areas with limited access where advanced medical help could be some time away.  Please bring with you all the medication that might be immediately necessary to prevent onset of a more serious condition such as asthma inhalers, nitroglycerine pills, EpiPens, insulin, etc. 
  • Food, water, and snacks for before or after the program.  Picnic tables and lawn games are available at the Welcome Center during warmer months.  You are welcome to hang out, enjoy the views, and watch others as they prepare for the Zip Line Canopy Tour or make their way through the Treetop Obstacle Course.
  • Money to purchase ArborTrek gear and to tip your guides.  8-10% is the customary gratuity.

What Not to Bring:

  • Pets.  No accommodations will be made for pets on the tour or at the ArborTrek Welcome Center.  Please leave pets at home.  The only exception to this policy is for trained leader dogs or animals.  If you require the assistance of a leader dog or animal, we request you provide us advanced notice. 
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco, alcohol, or drugs are not allowed on the tour or on the grounds.
  • Food and chewing gum are not allowed on the courses.  Picnic tables and benches are available for use before and after the program.
  • Backpacks, hip sacks, and purses are not allowed on the Zip Line Canopy Tour or Treetop Obstacle Course because they can distort balance and cause participants to invert while traversing lines.
  • Cell phones are permitted on course, however, we respectfully request that you place your phone on airplane mode to prevent interruptions that could impact the wilderness experience others are seeking.  ArborTrek cannot be responsible for dropped or damaged cell phones.  All cell phones are brought at the owner's risk.  



The Zip Line Canopy Tour is located more than a mile from the ArborTrek Welcome Center and is not easily accessed by trail from our location.  Guests who are not participating in the tour are welcome to stop by, but they will not be allowed to travel along on the ground below the tour.  The Treetop Obstacle Course and Climbing Adventure are located within proximity to the Welcome Center, but is positioned along an environmentally-sensitive stream.  Participants who wish to observe, will be asked to remain on designated trails.  To enter areas marked as hard helmet only, observers will be required to rent an approved climbing helmet. 

Other activities are available at Smugglers’ Notch Resort and in the area for guests who prefer to remain on the ground.   Guests traveling with children who are too young to participate in the tour are encouraged to contact Smugglers' Notch Resort about their award-winning youth programs and camps.  For children 6 weeks to age 3, ask about Treasures Childcare Center when booking your vacation!

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