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Thank you for participaing in an ArborTrek adventure.  If you've come to this page, you're probably looking for tour photos.  The following instructions are provided to help participants locate the complimentary guide-sponsored photos taken at ArborTrek Canopy Adventures Sites.  We hope that you will enjoy the photos and share them with your friends and family.  

For media/press images, please visit our media page.



Tour photos are easily found and viewed at gallery.arbortrek.com.  If you wish to purchase photos, a variety of packages and options are also available ranging from single prints to digital downloads and printed keepsakes.  Package options are only available when viewing the site from a desktop or laptop computer.  

Visit gallery.arbortrek.com


Beginning in 2010, guests began requesting guides post photos on Facebook.  To date, we have posted nearly 0.6 million photos to the service.  Most remain today.  That said, changes to policy in Facebook may result in some photos being removed or entire albums being deleted.  

ArborTrek Smugglers' Notch / Stowe, Vermont

ArborTrek Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee (formerly ZIPStream Fall Creek Falls)

Note: Once you navigate to the page, click PHOTOS.  Albums are organized by tour departure date and time for the canopy tour.  For the Treetop Obstacle Course/Aerial Adventure Park, the photos may be arranged by date.  



Q.  For how long will photos be available on Facebook and on gallery.arbortrek.com?

A.  No timeline has been set as to when photos will be removed.  As of January 2016, photos posted in January 2011 remain available on facebook.com (if you are willing to scroll and wait).  As our catalog grows, it is highly likely that we will need to begin removing photos or that Facebook will remove some of them for us.  We encourage users who want to retain the photos to save them to their computer.  Photos posted to gallery.arbortrek.com will remain for an average of six months.  

Q.  Can I save or download photos?

A.  Photos are available for purchase and download in high-resolution digital formats and printed formats at gallery.arbortrek.com for very low cost.  Low-resolution photos are also shared on Facebook.  To save a photo from Facebook, use the following directions.  Terminology and process may vary by browser and operating system.  Windows PC or laptop: Right click on the photo and select "Save image as..."    MAC laptop: Right click on the photo and select "Save image as..." or "Save image to desktop..."; alternatively, new macs will allow dragging the photo to the desktop.   On a smartphone: Please refer to user manual.

Q.  How much do the photos cost?

A.  Pricing is available at gallery.arbortrek.com.   

Q.  Can I take my own camera?

A.  Participants may bring their own camera on the tours and take photos provided that the act of taking photos does not interfere with the experience of other guests or present safety concerns.  Participants must have both hands free when traversing zip lines and crossing bridges.  Participants who wish to obtain point-of-view (POV) video or images while on the tour should bring a GoPro or similar camera with a chest, wrist, or helmet mount.  ArborTrek recommends the use of small, digital cameras with wrist straps or retainer straps.  We discourage the use of camera phones, tablets or other imaging devices which do not have a lanyard or solid attachment point.  ArborTrek Canopy Adventures cannot be responsible for damage to or loss of personal electronics, cameras, or possessions brought on to the tour by participants.  Cameras may be damaged by fall from heights, collision with other objects, course elements, guides, or other participants, weather, or other means.  Tours will not be halted to retrieve dropped cameras or personal possessions.  

Q.  I cannot find my photos online?

A.  To best assist you in finding your photos, we recommend following these steps.  

FACEBOOK.  Only a small percentage of albums appear on the Facebook wall.  Use the link above to goto the correct Facebook site.  Click on photos > albums.  Albums are loaded chronologically, although they can sometimes be slightly out of order do to load times between large and small tour groups.  If you cannot find your tour, please call us our offices:  Vermont (802) 644-9300;  Tennessee (615) 499-5779. 

GALLERY.ARBORTREK.COM.  Galleries are loaded by tour in chronological order using the format YYMMDD HHMM Guide & Guide or YYMMDD HHMM for Self-Guided Adventures.  Enter you tour date using YYMMDD in the search box to limit the search options.  

Note: Over the course of a single year, our guides shoot, process, and upload as many as 80,000 to 100,000 images.  While lost albums are rare, technical issues, processing glitches, and accidents do occur.  ArborTrek Canopy Adventures makes no warranties or represntations to the quality or availability of photos.  If albums are lost, ArborTrek will not refund money or credit your account.  This is a complimentary service offered by our guides at their effort and cost.  We further request that participants not verbally attack, berate, or attempt to contact guides directly.  This behavior is why we stopped including professional quality photos with tour packages.

Q.  Can I purchase the raw, high-quality images?

A.  High quality photos can be purchased at gallery.arbortrek.com.  Please note, all photos are printmarked with the ArborTrek logo.  We do not retain non-printmarked photos.  Photos can be purchased in a variety of print sizes, coatings, and as keepsakes.  Packages are available on the site if you are using a desktop or laptop.  Options are limited on mobile devices.

Q.  Can you e-mail me the photos?

A.  This is not a service provided at this time.  You can download the photos at gallery.arbortrek.com at a reasonable price, or you can view and share lower-resolution images at our facebook site.

Q.  I hate my sister-in-law (ex-girlfriend, spouse, boss, etc.), I want all of the photos with her and I in it together removed?

A.  We're sorry you dislike your sister-in-law (ex-girlfriend, spouse, boss, etc.), but this is not a service we offer.  

Q.  My boss found out I lied to him/her about my wife's father passing because he saw photos of me zip-lining at ArborTrek on Facebook.  You cost me my job. What are you going to do for me now?

A.  We encourage telling the truth.   If you send us your father-in-law's and wife's e-mail and contact information, we would be happy to break the news to them.  If your boss was mad, we imagine they will be too.

Q. When I went on my tour, I was charged to purchase photos?

A. From the time we first opened, guests began making requests that we sell photos or post them to Facebook so they could share their adventure with their friends.  Over the years, we have tried a number of services, both professional and free.  Changing software platforms, technology, and infrastructure demands have forced us to try a variety of different models.  At the center of each of our models has been a desire by our guides to help you share your experience and tell your story.  

Beginning in mid-June of 2016, we entered into an agreement with a third-party to provide software and solutions through a paid service.  The software had some unique advantages--namely is used smart phone cameras to load the pictures through a fast wireless connection--but also some downsides--it was expensive and the quality of pictures (using smartphones) was not as good as outdoor digiital cameras.

Beginning August 1, 2016, ArborTrek resumed its guide-centered photo program, but added an option that allows clients to easily download and purcahse photos.  In this model, photos can be viewed, shared, and even saved using Facebook.  For those who wish to have printed copies or to be able to conveniently download their photos in high resolution, that option is available too through a professional, third-party. 

Q. I do not want my photo taken.  Can you not take my photo?

A. Please approach your guide prior to the tour and request he/she not take your photo. 


NOTICE:  Tour photos are offered compliments of our guides.  They are not included in the price of any ArborTrek tour.  ArborTrek makes no warranties or representations as to the quality or consistency of the program.  At this time, photos are only regularly taken on the zip line canopy tour.  Guests are welcome to bring their own cameras at their own risk.  


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